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Nonprofit Annual Report:

Burden or Opportunity?


Increase fundraising and recruitment even if you don't have the time.


We'll Do It For You in Three Steps


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Intake and Scheduling

Intake and Scheduling

We confirm your requirements and discuss the timetable for delivery.

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Story Crafting

Story Crafting

We interview key stakeholders and create a narrative that shines the best light on your organization.

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Final Delivery

Final Delivery

We craft your custom annual report to your specifications, on time.

The World Will See the Difference You Make


Your Annual Report will include: 

  • Compelling visuals to educate donors

  • Inspirational stories to attract volunteers

  • Definitive results to motivate your Board



Why Choose Us


Free Up Your Time

Take this chore off your to-do list and focus on other priorities.


Fresh Perspective

We see strengths where others see weaknesses.  Let us shine a light on your success.


Expert Storytelling

Our writers and graphic designers will create copy to "wow" your board.

Your Annual Report... Completed

This beautifully designed custom annual report, created with your brand guidelines, will delight donors with your photos, financial summary, and stories from stakeholder interviews.

Get this chore off your plate.


Your Annual Report Will Feature

Top Features

Each project is unique and deserves individual attention to create the best outcome.  Below is a summary of key features you can expect as we create your custom annual report.


Your Vision

Whether print or digital, we craft a professional product centered on your vision.

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Your Design

We'll use your brand guidelines to communicate your story and the uniqueness of your brand.

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Your Photos

We'll spotlight your volunteers and clients to demonstrate the impact of your work. 

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Your Financials

Our graphic designers generate charts and graphs to highlight your donors and financial strengths.

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Your Stories

We conduct interviews with key stakeholders and tell their inspirational stories.

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Our Project Management

Rest easy, we'll keep you up-to-date and deliver as scheduled.

Annual Report Packages



  • All the Features Above
  • 2 thirty-minute interviews
  • 6 photos included

Most Popular


  • All the Features Above
  • 4 thirty-minute interviews
  • 12 photos included



  • All the Features Above
  • 8 thirty-minute interviews
  • 24 photos included

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a nonprofit annual report?

Your nonprofit annual report is an opportunity to highlight the previous year's major accomplishments, inspire volunteers to participate in the organization's mission, thank donors for their support, and recruit potential board members.

How does a nonprofit annual report help me?

An Annual Report helps you as a nonprofit leader by serving as a member of the fundraising and volunteer recruitment team 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Anyone who wants to learn more about your programs, your leadership, your financial viability, your success in managing funds, and your potential donors can do so in the comfort of their home.  

What are examples of problems a nonprofit annual report solves?
  • Serves as a stand-alone document that donors can save, share with others, and use to justify their tax-free donations.
  • Provides insight to potential board members on the strengths of the organization from a financial, operational, and fundraising perspective.
  • Inspires potential volunteers to join the difference.
  • Documents the successes of the previous year.
  • Thanks current donors, volunteers, and participants for their continued engagement.
What should be in a nonprofit annual report?
  1. A clear statement of purpose
    Highlight your organization’s values and mission in a single sentence. Readers should learn the difference you hope to make before jumping into the data.

  2. A letter from the Executive Director and/or the Chair of the Board
    Donors and volunteers want to understand how your leadership thinks and communicates.

  3. Major achievements of the past year
    Focus on outcomes and the stories behind those outcomes. There are many ways donors can spend their money, and they are most likely to choose organizations that deliver results.

  4. A financial statement.
    Let’s face it: supporters want to know how their money is being spent. Transparency about your organization’s expenses helps to establish trust.

  5. Acknowledgment of donors and major supporters.
    Everyone wants to see their name in print and your annual report may be the only publicity some of your greatest supporters receive.  Give credit to the partners who have made you successful.  Highlighting major contributors, staff, and board members is a necessary part of a compelling annual report.
What are some good examples of a nonprofit annual report?

Our colleagues at put together a list of 13+ of the best nonprofit annual reports — with ideas to steal for 2021.

Why do I need someone to create a nonprofit annual report for me?

Nonprofit leaders like you are so busy with daily operations, that in spite of the importance of creating an annual report, you simply lack the bandwidth and additional perspective to get it optimally. We will work with you to curate a superior annual report.

What happens if I choose not to have a nonprofit annual report?

The Federal government requires the IRS Form 990 to be completed on an annual basis for 501(C)3 organizations.

Coupling the Federal form with the vision, mission, and donor stories in this nonprofit annual report, produced by our team, member of the fundraising and volunteer recruitment team working 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

A compelling Annual Report can be a one-stop shop for sharing information about your programs, your leadership, your financial viability, your success in managing your funds, saying thank you to your donors and major supporters.