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Need the people, process, and technology infrastructure to grow? 

Our Infrastructure Development Lab is the perfect setting for you to design your strategic roadmap for exponential growth using innovation techniques.


Need a roadmap for expanding to reach new audiences?

Our VIP Strategy Day is an efficient way to clarify, prioritize, and visualize using a roadmap of the steps needed to expand your reach.


Want to make a lasting difference in the world around you?

Our Nonprofit Mobilization Lab provides a framework to boost your organizational capacity and attract the people who'll make your vision a reality.

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"Masterful attention to detail and focused strategic planning. Allecia helped unpack and shape our organization’s true north for the next three to five years. It was a pleasure working with Allecia."

John Suggs
Executive Director at CF Charities

"Allecia was extremely knowledgeable regarding the subject matter and very detail-oriented. She was also an excellent manager of the staff assigned to our project."

Karen Roz
Director, Johns Hopkins University

"During these unprecedented times, receiving and sharing accurate data has been so important. Prevention Advisory Group brings a level of expertise and knowledge so that, as a leader, I can make sound decisions that ensure the safety and health of our community."

Avis Williams, Ed.D.
Superintendent, Selma City Schools

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